Well then what is the answer?

There is no gainsaying bleaching agents are known to not only destroy the skin over time but also lead to other harmful effects like subsequent darkening and in extreme cases, kidney failure. But it still seems to be all the rage. Certainly a large number of prominent music stars seem a whole lot lighter today than they were when they first started out and I am referring to the really big girls on the international music scene.

These are women younger girls look up to and aspire to be like. And they bleach and are considered more beautiful.

As a very dark skinned lady, I understand the pressure to brighten my skin. It’s quite intense. Shopping for my skincare range can be tasking as I have to keep repeating that I do not want lightening creams. Getting the right color of cosmetics for my skin can also be a challenge.

This message is not an attempt to shame anyone about their beauty choices but encourages us to explore options to looking good even with our dark skins.

Firstly, nothing makes anyone more beautiful than a lovely smile and a pleasant demeanor. Also look for colors that suit your skin tone and make you look good both in clothes and cosmetics. It can be a little difficult with cosmetics but all that’s required is a little extra effort. Then again remember, the truly heavy, theatrical kind of make-up actually scores you no points with many, including fellow women! I followed a poll on Facebook just yesterday asking what men dislike about women’s fashions. Well guess what? False lashes, false nails, heavy make-up and wigs all came under attack. It was almost a blanket condemnation. It appears men indulge us because they view these things as “women’s things”.

This is not to suggest that men do not like women going the extra mile to look good but my point is you really don’t have to go overboard nor break the bank to do this.

Just keep it simple. At all times try to be clean. This includes your hair, nails, teeth and of course clothing. Smile and be warm. Wear what you can afford not what the latest fashion trend says. Just wear what looks good on you. Pamper your skin the right way by feeding it with nourishing products. This might require exploring natural herbs and organic soaps for one’s skin. To reduce spots, cut down on sugar, caffeine, alcohol and all smokes. Sleep as early as you can and drink plenty of water then cut down salt. Consistency with a regimen such as that mentioned above (do ask experts for more tips) will leave you with healthy glowing skin and at the end of the day that’s all you really need. Beautiful skin and a pleasant attitude.

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