Deontay Wilder may be down but he is certainly not out. In an emotion laden-voice, the recently dethroned WBC Heavyweight champion took to his Twitter handle, @BronzeBomber, to promise his “people” that he’d be back within a matter of months to reclaim his title. The video was posted on the morning of the 29th of February.

Wilder has remained a rather polarizing though (till recently) unbeaten figure in boxing. The American’s career boasts 44 fights. 41 of those bouts ended in knockouts and 2 as draws. He got beaten in his last fight by Tyson Fury, a Brit, who defeated him by a Technical Knockout. Despite this impressive record many see him as a sportsman who chose his battles carefully, picking only opponents he felt were weaker and avoiding the tough ones. 

While this video might seem melodramatic to some, considering tense race relations in America and pictures which appear to show Fury (he is white) licking a defeated Wilder’s blood right off his neck, this video might be coming from a place of hurt pride. Certainly his language suggests it.

However, a peak through his timeline show a series of bants, jokes and outright mockery being thrown at Wilder, mostly from fellow Americans. Will this help firm up his resolve, or further weaken it?
Be that as it may, boxing fans can anticipate a top dollar match later this year it would seem!
Wishing the Bronze Bomber luck. 

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