Here’s a secret to looking good so many of us ignore because it so simple. Smiling. Except you have really bad teeth, nothing makes you prettier than a smile, a grin or a laugh. This might seem to run contrary to schools of thought that encourage keeping a straight face to avoid the appearance of crows feet (I prefer to call them laugh lines) around the eyes and wrinkles around one’s lips but it’s true. Especially if you are already having a bad day. A smile will lift your mood, probably lighten a tense situation and make your face prettier. Additionally, people generally consider people who smile a lot as a kind or gentle even when this is not necessarily true. A smiley face is no true gauge of the content of one’s character but does make one seem more approachable. And relaxed. And warm.

In fact most times regardless of how you are dressed, a genuine smile will distract people from whatever it is about your outfit that is not working.

I’ll give an example with myself. One of the hairdos that received the most compliments was actually a botched look! Yes. I had expected a totally different style but the hair dresser who couldn’t achieve the look ended up giving me something totally different. And I was to appear on TV the next day…in the morning.

I chose not to get upset. I wore one of my favorite outfits, threw on my prettiest smile and stepped out of the house with my chin up and shoulders back. Heck I even took pictures with that style and posted on my social media accounts. LOL! I received one compliment after the other. I even had people asking how they could copy the look.

So, are you having a bad hair day? Smile. A bad dress day? Smile. A broke day? Smile. A frustrating day? Smile. It’s the quickest cheapest way to look good on the go. Cheers!

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