A Dream, Hard work, Consistency, and the Pay Off

Shola Akinlade and Ezra Olubi, two software writers who met at Babcock University, were excited about the idea of being able to recharge a card using a computer. They found out that an American financial services company, Stripe, made that possible and thought, “why not do this for Africa?”        

With their dream of ‘Stripe for Africa’, these young men were able to raise funding and, in 2015, created Paystack, a technology company that powers growth in businesses for Africa through their selection of secure payment tools. Fast forward to 2020, and Paystack announced that they were joining Stripe, to the tune of US$200 million.

Stripe is a tech company that builds economic infrastructure for the Internet, with several companies, including Amazon and Medium, using Stripe’s software to accept and make payments as well as to scale their online businesses.

With this acquisition, Stripe will be able to spread its reach to more countries in Africa, including Nigeria (like PayPal, Stripe is not available in Nigeria).

Photo by Mateusz Dach from Pexels

Before this news broke, there were people who had no idea that Paystack was a Nigerian company. It was at once shocking and delightful that something created in Nigeria, by Nigerians, was big enough and good enough for an international brand like Stripe to acquire.

This goes to show that anything is possible. Location or nationality isn’t a barrier when you aren’t afraid to dream big, work hard, and be consistent. What drives you should be bigger than what you see around you.

What is that dream you have been nursing? What are the limitations you think are facing you? What solutions will help you reach your goal? It’s time to put your back into it and go to work! Do all the research you need to, learn all you can, and stay consistent. Like a fairytale, your story will be similar to this one. Read more about Stripe’s acquisition of Paystack here.

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