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Note: Ensure you name corresponds to your VALID ID Card
e.g Kogi State
e.g Igbo, Hausa
e.g Christianity
Note: Must be a valid ID Card. e.g. International Passport, Driver’s license, Voter’s Card, National ID, School ID

Social Media Profile

Example: @mochabeautyng
Example: @mochabeautyng

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  • All MochaBeauties are required to maintain basic standards of decency during their reign. Misses Month who flout this particular requirement could lose their crowns to the 1st runner up and also be barred from contesting for Miss Year.
  • Uncouth/vulgar language is discouraged as are overt public displays of affection with non-spouses (i.e heavily sexualized).
  • We also encourage a decent sense of dress to reflect MochaBeauty values.
  • Winners are encouraged to abide by this advice especially with regard to social media/public engagement.