For one who has managed to avoid scandal in about 2 decades in a sector that seems to thrive on such, Daniel Oyebanjo, better known as D’banj, certainly appears to be making up for lost time. It is now being alleged that he had the lady who accused him of rape, Seyitan Babatayo, detained by the Police and caused to delete the accusations she had made against him several weeks back.

Recall that the popular musician has recently been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Babatayo had accused him of illegally obtaining the key to her hotel room, forcefully gaining entrance and subsequently raping her. While this supposedly happened years ago, Babatayo only went to Twitter with these allegations some weeks ago, raising eyebrows. Silence from the musician led many to believe he was not about to engage her online and the matter had already started slipping out of people’s consciousness and definitely had died on Twitter when it suddenly reared its head again with stories suggesting that D’banj had not only sued his accuser but was also demanding an apology in newspapers. Add to these the current allegations of police intimidation supposedly instigated by D’banj and you find a rich cauldron of suspicion gradually brewing against the music star.

In a series of very carefully worded tweets, D’banj’s one time business partner, music producer and business mogul, Don Jazzy (Michael Ajereh), urged the police to be thorough with the investigation and condemned acts of violence against women.

A number of Civil Rights groups are already in an uproar over the matter while even those who were initially wont to give D’banj the benefit of the doubt are now scratching their heads in confusion. Why the sledgehammer approach? Who should be believed? Has law enforcement already taken sides? Will Babatayo get justice?

Many, many questions. Answers still awaited.

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