Not me o! LOL!

Those are actually the words of the mother of a fan of afrobeat star, David Adeleke, better known as Davido. The fan who goes by the instagram handle “9jaonthestreets”, was supposedly slapped by Davido at the airport for trying to take a selfie with him.

This whole incident as unpleasant as it is appears, seems to me, blown totally out of proportion. Firstly the video supposedly documenting the assault doesn’t really show the musician’s action. The footage is shaky and very unclear. Then you have a young, able bodied man sharing teary videos of himself online, long after the assault took place. A dude who is clearly in touch with his softer side.

But as if that is not weird enough, we have a mother who goes all out in this fight to defend her son, a grown man (who suffered no injuries by the way). Now, considering the fact that the dear lady fancies herself a gospel singer, references God throughout the rant and also advises Davido to go read some of Pastor Oyedepo’s books on humility, her declaration of withholding forgiveness flies completely in the face of Christian tenets.

The video which shows the infuriated mother, Wunmi Praise, giving Davido a solid tongue lashing, has been online for a couple of days now.  A bit of an-overkill for what was an unpleasant but rather harmless altercation if you ask me.

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