Culinary oils are a huge part of our daily dietary regimen. Choosing healthy oil is vital to achieve healthy culinary as well as maintain good health. Here is how you can choose fresh, healthy and beneficial oils in order to maximize its nutritional value.

  1. When buying oil from the open markets ensure it smells right. All healthy oils have a signature smell. If it smells off it means the oil has turned rancid. Rancid oils are expired oils, the nutrients have been destroyed and it is therefore no longer fit for human consumption. Preferably, buy oils from a properly organized store with good traffic to avoid stale oils. Also watch out for those oils kept in a corner of a shop where it is exposed to direct sunlight as this might destroy the nutrients in oils. This is particularly true of those packaged in see-through containers as these are more susceptible to sunlight which might completely destroy the nutrients in the oil, especially if left exposed for long periods. Rather, choose oils packaged in opaque (dark coloured) containers, that have been kept in a dark corner of the store.
  • Where possible avoid oils in plastic containers, unless 100 percent certain there has been no exposure to sunlight. When sun rays heat plastics, some of the plastics chemical components might leach into the oil with attendant adverse effects on health after prolonged use of such oils. This is part of what may influence mutation of dreadful ailments such as cancer in some people.
  • If and when possible, buy and use organic unrefined cold-processed vegetable oils, bought from an organized store, kept in a dark spot in the shop and packed in an opaque bottle. Such oils definitely contain more nutrients and are generally healthier and void of chemical solvents too.

We only have one life to live therefore let us invest in it wisely!

These tips are your ally to safer culinary and dieting so use them generously!

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