Every man’s fantasy and most women’s desire. To be that superwoman who keeps the Kim Kardashian look while juggling 4 babies (all under the age of 10), a modeling career, a demanding husband and running a reality TV show.

Sigh. Kim makes it look so easy. I mean she looks great ALWAYS. Seems like a hands on mum and yet…never a hair out of place. Nails always beautifully manicured, face elegantly made up and clothes always high fashion. Of course being a multi-millionaire in dollars can’t possibly hurt. Having an entire team of stylists attending to her hair, nails and make up while she eats out contributes. Being paid to wear haute couture by mega designers adds to the whole deal. And you totally admire her.

But…the last time you squeezed money out to buy expensive nylon underwear (the set cost N15,000) it developed tears after the first wash so you stuck to your ever reliable cotton (its healthier anyway). You have tried wearing g-strings but the unnerving sensation of something permanently stuck between your butt cheeks caused you to have a rethink. You started wearing French tips and developed fungal infections in your nails. The expensive wig you bought gives you a headache whenever you put it on. Your nanny is your old mother who does her best but can’t keep up with the kids’ energy levels. The house-maid disappears for weeks on end without reason and you need to be at work everyday before 8.30 a.m. You are always exhausted, cranky and broke.

The sorry tale of most Nigerian wives and mothers.

Listen. The most important thing at the end of the day is to always be CLEAN, strive for a clean home and be reasonably smartly dressed. This can be difficult to do at home because that’s meant to be your comfort zone where you dress down and breathe but instead of the wrapper around the chest look  you could make a number of simple, free, cotton frocks. T- shirts and jeans or shorts. Simple kaftans.  You can even modify old clothes to cater to these needs.

Avoid carrying any hairdo till it begins to smell. During the hot season I’d say no more than 2 weeks max. If you can smell it so can your partner. You can keep your nails short and clean, painted or not. Try for a pedicure at least every other month and where you can’t afford such services, keep a pumice stone in your bathroom with which to scrub the soles of your feet. Maintain dental hygiene and eat things that give you sweet smelling breath. Breath mints, chewing gum, most fruits will do this but more importantly brush your teeth, floss and use mouth wash.

Most of us will never be a Kim especially at home but we can try to look and smell nice. It’s the least we can do really.

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