A couple of weeks ago Nigerian Twitter feed was ablaze with rape accusations as young ladies boldly called out their rapists. A number of prominent stars got named and had to defend themselves. It came as a surprise to many though, the music star D’banj (Daniel Oyebanjo) remained ominously quiet to the accusations by a young lady claiming he came to her hotel room and had forceful relations with her after convincing the hotel desk officers to grant him access to her room.

Many had concluded that the well-liked music star had opted to ignore the whole story or was perhaps trying to sort the matter out behind the scenes but certainly not many ex[pected the news when it came today that he was suing his accuser for the sum of One Hundred Million naira and also demanding a published apology in 4 national dailies.

While most of the accused celebrities so accused simply denied the accusations on social media, it would appear that D’banj has opted for a stronger reaction. Certainlyh, such stories making the rounds on social media cannot have been good for his marriage though we are yet to have any feedback about how his wife took it.

It might be recalled that 2 sisters once took to social media to accuse another very popular musician Davido (David Adeleke) of impregnating one of them. The sisters later took the video down after admitting it was a hoax.

Which way will the pendulum sway in the D’banj affair? Is he truly innocent or just blowing a lot of hot air to intimidate an already traumatized victim? Only time will unfurl the truth.

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