Mocha Beauty Miss March 2020 is Otishi Iduku. Iduku who came with a daringly dramatic look added class to the pageant as she easily bedazzled voters earning her the first prize. She won N100,000.00 which was the star prize at the time.

Using her prize money, she set up a project aimed at educating and enlightening the public on the dangers of COVID-19 and prevention methods. This she achieved via a series of short videos in various Nigerian non-English speakers fully comprehend the information. The clips were posted on social media and shared by many, thus reaching a large audience. Subsequently, more messages were shared via the same platform to re-inforce the earlier messages and remind people to stay safe while teaching them preventive measures such as frequent hand-washing, social distancing, sneezing or coughing cautiously and so on.

Iduku says she decided on this project owing to the need for constant reminders and adequate education on the dangers of COVD-19 and preventive measures. Seeing that the best way for information to travel especially during this social distancing era is online, the project was restricted to social media platforms. Iduku is currently studying English and Literature at the Benue State University, Makurdi. She is also Etulo by tribe and born into a family of 6, though her father is deceased. Otishi is actively involved in the fashion industry. Find her on Facebook by the name Oteeshi Jhoi.

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