The Cable News Network, CNN, is reporting that 237 new deaths have occurred as a result of the Corona Virus Disease which was first discovered in Wuhan district of China. California’s cases are said to be doubling every “3 to 4 days”.

Since the disease started its geometric rise, many European countries particularly Italy and Spain have recorded scores of deaths. The numbers from Italy have been particularly worrying with hundreds dying daily. Cremation is being widely used to dispose of the dead in countries worst hit.

At the moment CNN is reporting that the US now has the second highest number of COVID 19 known cases globally, 2nd only to China.

In Nigeria the Federal Government has released N10 billion to the Lagos state government (one of Nigeria’s most densely populated states) and N5 billion to the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC). Nigerian billionaire Tony Elumelu is also reported to have contributed N5 billion to containment efforts even as Rivers state has ordered a complete lockdown and Kaduna state has fumigated markets.

News reports indicate that Nigeria’s Federal Government is seriously considering a clampdown on interstate travel as well.

Watch this space for more updates.

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