Adamu Garba II

In a rejoinder to Emir Sanusi’s thoughts on how to abolish the almajiri culture which has produced a large number of out of school street kids in the north, politician and businessman Adamu Garba II took to his twitter handle to pitch in his own two cents worth of opinion on the subject matter. In his words, “Almajiranci is our pride and our honor. Yes! We agreed that the program should be reformed but it should not be condemned. No sane society will destroy its culture but seek to reform. All advanced countries value their heritage, why not us? I disagree with Emir of Kano on this”

To say the tweet left a sour taste in the mouths of most who encountered it would be putting it mildly. Party affiliations, ethnic groupings, religion all faded into the background as Nigerians generally expressed deep outrage at his views. His protestations that the tweet is not in support of street begging but aimed at encouraging the preservation of culture fell flat.

Garba II released a number of short videos to further buttress his point and asked how street kids and their parents have offended the Emir.

Adamu Garba II hails from Adamawa state and is in his late 30s. He had expressed interest in running for president on the platform of the All Progressives Congress but did not secure the party ticket. Garba II’s IPI Solutions is one of the leading Cloud Solutions Providers in Nigeria. IPI Solutions was named Microsoft’s Best CSP Partner in the year 2017 and also Africa’s Most Reliable Quality Business Technology Solutions Provider. He is married with children.

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