Who We Are

(RC: 1119362) is a Communications and Media outfit based in Abuja. It is the owner of the MochaBeauty contest and brand. FCV is an allied firm with vested interests in the arts, beauty, sports, lifestyle, literature, all forms of entertainment and communications. 


Hi all!

Registration for the long-awaited Miss Year contest is ongoing.

Our intention was to keep it exclusive for only past winners but we have thrown it open to the general public owing to the fact that a number of previous winners had personal situations that would hinder their participation. 

Our 3 winners will serve as MochaBeauty ambassadors for various topical issues in 2021 and will have media appearances and also be required to actively participate in MochaBeauty community development projects ranging from public sensitization on the need for more women to participate in the electoral process to public health issues.

Our desire at MochaBeauty is to maintain a healthy relationship with ALL contestants even after a particular month’s contest ends. 

We trust that the cash prizes from the Miss Year contest will be a valuable grant as 2020 comes to an end.



Devaan Mom 

(MD MochaBeauty)


MochaBeauty Nigeria© presents the first ever digital beauty contest in Nigeria.

We believe EVERY woman is beautiful and that beauty can be a powerful tool to empower women towards equity and dismantling of unjust gender norms and practices. We believe beauty can be promoted without recourse to nudity, lewdness or demeaning acts hence our bid to help women uncover their beauty in the most convenient and dignified process, wherein their beauty is not only valued but also used as a pathway to socio-economic empowerment.

To this end, MochaBeauty Nigeria© has been birthed to showcase all kinds of beauty in a non-traditional beauty contest. The typical beauty contest is annual, sexualizes the female form and stereotypes body shapes which must be exposed in bikinis and paraded before a crowd. We believe there should be options and this should not be the only standard.

To counter this, MochaBeauty Nigeria© has broadened and softened the approach to beauty contests by acknowledging that not every woman would be able to face a live crowd in swimsuits to showcase her beauty thereby opening up the number of women who will be able to participate.

From February 2020, we will be receiving pictures (no swimsuits or bikinis) from women of all ages, shapes and complexions who register to participate in our monthly beauty contest. The public will be the Judge, as the preferred contestant will win the Miss MochaBeauty contest of the particular month through votes cast for individual contestants. The reasoning behind this is simply to validate the position that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, and the public should therefore determine who a beautiful woman is via poll. A winner will emerge every month based on votes polled.

Winners will not only take-home cash gifts but also get opportunities over time, for growth and empowerment in their preferred endeavors using networks that place a premium on developing women and bridging the disparity in opportunities between the sexes. MochaBeauty Nigeria© will further link its beauty queens and others who evidence potential to mentors who can guide them through the process of attaining their goals. This, to us, is the best way to celebrate beauty, by uplifting women in a positive and dignified way.

Vision – A world where every woman feels beautiful and confident in her complexion and body.

Mission – To discover, celebrate and uplift beauty in a positive and dignified way that empowers the woman.

So, do you believe you look stunning? Take this opportunity to make some money and enhance your life by sending us decent, lovely pictures of you and be drawn into a world of endless possibilities, as beautiful women and girls!